We enjoyed the services of an in-home groomer for 20 years - greatly reduced stress on the dogs and no picking up other dog's fleas. Our groomer moved to Florida and I could not find another in-home groomer so I had to use a grooming parlor for about three grooming sessions. Our two dogs were usually there for five hours and our senior citizen dog shook the entire time. Fortunately I found Cassie of Katz & Dogs, as we had to reduce our 13 year old dog's stress. My prior in-home groomer used our laundry tub which was fine, but Cassie has a mobile van which is really great. We now have three Havanese and each dog only has to be in the van for the time required to groom that particular dog. The dogs like Cassie and she takes great care to make sure they each get the perfect "puppy cut" that I prefer. We have been using Cassie's services for a year - we are very happy and highly recommend her.
-Judy Williams; Macedonia, OH
I have two cats that are wonderful- but they are a handful! I was fortunate enough to find Katz & Dogs Mobile Pet Grooming Service. Cassie is terrific with my cats and they always look great after she has bathed and groomed them! Her prices are very reasonable too! I would recommend Katz & Dogs to anyone!
-Lynn Kruis; Mantua, OH
What a great service. I highly recommend Katz & Dogs. Cassie does wonderful work, is reliable, and my dog Buddy loves her.
-Laura Holland; Shaker Heights, OH
I would recommend Katz & Dogs to anyone. Cassie loves what she does, she even took a class on how to groom my welsh terrier Sophie. After a long time looking for a groomer we have finally found one that not only loves what she does, but does a great job doing it.
-Laura Barbetta; Stow, OH
Katz & Dogs is a terrific service. She comes right to your house! Cassie is very thorough in getting the matts out of my Labradoodle Caramel. My dog has never looked better!
-Dr. Drew Hertz; Shaker heights, OH
I would highly recommend Katz & Dogs for your dog grooming needs. We've had such a wonderful experience with them over the past year, and it has removed a lot of the stress from grooming for our pet and us! Our beagle is always in good hands with Katz & Dogs.
-Dustin A.; Hunting Valley, OH
Cassie, the owner of KatznDogs is fantastic! Don't know where to begin.. I have been a customer for a few years now. Cassie is high tech :) her mobile grooming station is uber clean and plentiful. My dog does not get overly anxious when he hears her come up the driveway. She, without question, has an amazing sixth sense with my dog and gets his likes and dislikes...her kindness and understanding towards him is always evident. I guess you could say, she speaks dog language :) She is dependable, professional and knows what she is doing . My dog looks incredible every time !!!! She is worth every single penny!!!! I don't know what we'd do without her services!!!!!
-Abigail Boecker ; Somewhere, OH